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When it comes to creating engaging web applications, Adobe ColdFusion offers many benefits. It fits in well with all other technologies so it is suitable for creating small and large enterprise applications alike. The most recent version has a range of new, useful features so it now offers even better performance and greater scalability than before.

SoftGroup is a ColdFusion development company, which has been providing its services and offering clients the opportunity to Hire ColdFusion Developers since the product first emerged. In that time our developers have been delivering top quality, stable solutions that are modular in nature. ColdFusion platforms are dynamic in that they can generate PDF files and interact with them as an intelligent and portable means of sharing data.

Simple solution for complex tasks
Soft-Group Advantages

  • Huge Global Delivery Facility
  • 24/7 Support
  • Clients in the Biggest World Countries
  • Quality Certification
  • Variable Methodogies, surch as: RUP, Agile/XP and more
  • Access to Highly Trained, Experienced Professionals
  • Many Technology Skills Accessible in One Facility
  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property
Our experience as ColdFusion developers is extensive

Our Clients Can Expect The Following Expertise When They Hire Coldfusion Developers From Us:

  • Web design and ColdFusion development
  • E-business and e-commerce portals
  • HTML conversion to FlashPaper and PDF
  • Code generation from client side, useful for form widgets
  • Independent database queries through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Retrieval of data from other popular enterprise systems such as MS Exchange Server, LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol), POP (Post Office Protocol), AD (Active Directory) and many others
  • Server and client cache management
  • Client, session and apps management
  • File searching and indexing
  • XML querying, validation and parsing
  • Clustering (servers)
  • Administration of Graphical User Interfaces
  • Task management and scheduling
  • Support for ColdFusion
  • Each ColdFusion developer we employ has the following qualifications:
  • Degree or Master Degree in computer science
  • Practical experience in SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  • Over 2 years experience working on ColdFusion project delivery
  • Wide exposure to all versions of ColdFusion
  • Sound knowledge of blogging, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

At SoftGroup, we take time to understand client requirements and we have put in place a ColdFusion software development framework to enable us to provide a vast range of services efficiently. These include:

  • Creating personal and small business websites
  • Database-driven websites for e-commerce functions
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Enterprise-sized websites and applications
  • XML web applications and services
  • AJAX-based web applications

Why choose SoftGroup to Hire ColdFusion Developers and programmers from?

  • Our developers have between 1 to 3+ years practical development and programming experience.
  • Consistently excellent client communication skills.
  • The developers at SoftGroup have exceptional technical qualifications and capabilities. They have strong creative and analytical powers, which are important to clients when they are sourcing developers for hire.
Working Hours

When clients hire ColdFusion developers from SoftGroup, they can expect them to work 9 hours per day, 6 days per week. Our developers will work under the client’s supervision and management and according to their timeframes. They will be contactable at all times during working hours by email, IM, Skype or MSN, as required by the client.

When Do Our Developers Start Working For You?

Generally, our developers will start working for you within 24 hours of the agreement being finalized.

Work Monitoring
  • Project schedule and timetables provided to ensure the expected results are achieved.
  • Outstanding tasks are followed up immediately to ensure project stays on course.
  • Client interacts directly with the developer(s) they hire.
  • Offshore project managers supervise projects and developers.
  • Client should expect same seamless service as if developer(s) were based in-house.

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Take a 1 week risk free trial. Starting at $1850 a month.

None of your personal data will be sold. No spam is guaranteed!

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