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It is abundantly clear that career positions today require business professionals to be available for decision-making and for management of business practices, no matter where they may physically be. Confinement to one’s office, with access to a PC or laptop, is not productive or efficient anymore. Vendors, suppliers, clients, customers and fellow workers must be able to communicate with business leaders quickly and easily. Further, out-of-the-office supervisors and managers must be able to access the same information and data that is contained in their Windows operating system back at the office. For this reason, the Windows mobile platform exists.

The Windows mobile platform is simply a compact version of a regular Windows OS, and, as such, carries most all of the features and programming possibilities that the regular Windows OS does. Using this platform, then, Windows mobile app developers can build customized apps for clients that will allow them to conduct business from any remote location.

SoftGroup has been deeply involved in Windows mobile software development for several years now. These apps can be executed in Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Samsung, and other environments, and the Windows mobile OS has one of the fastest growing app stores, motivating entrepreneurs to seek Windows mobile applications in lots of categories, in order to place them in the store for purchase. In fact, many of the clients continue to use our Windows mobile phone apps developers, because we are efficient, fast, and experts in what we do!

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Windows mobile application developers at SoftGroup have specific expertise in C++ and .Net frameworks, particularly suited to great app development. As well, they can port any existing iOS, android, or Blackberry apps to a windows-supported device. The result is user friendly, familiar interfaces that people like to use. Our developer work with Windows mobile versions 5 through 6.5 and are also able to migrate apps from one version to another.

In addition to serving the entrepreneurs who hire Windows mobile app developers at SoftGroup primarily for games and other entertainment development to sell, business professionals continue to request apps for their organizational purposes. A app that provides Windows mobile development tool solutions for task management are particularly popular and are customized for the unique needs of each client. With these apps, busy professionals are able to set up and manage their tasks by themes or categories. Other business apps include accounting management, project, inventory, and distribution management, and collaborative functions that allow colleagues to continually communicate and update one another wherever they may be.

Other recent Windows mobile application projects of SoftGroup developers include patient tracking systems for medical professionals and personal budget and fitness apps. A new project involves educational apps for a large textbook publisher. Clearly, SoftGroup is on top of the Windows mobile “game” and can take any client’s idea or concept and turn it into a superb app.

We are fully flexible in contract details, and our developers will work on an hourly, daily, weekly, or more long-term basis, dependent upon client need. As well, clients are kept “in the loop” throughout the design process, so that they maintain control at all times.

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Take a 1 week risk free trial. Starting at $1850 a month.

None of your personal data will be sold. No spam is guaranteed!

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