Program Coordinator

     In your capacity as a Program Coordinator, your responsibilities will include assisting a program design and management team, serving numerous clients with a variety of projects.  You will help deliver projects successfully on time and within budget as per the agreed conditions and schedule.  Your role will involve helping with devising and managing program delivery schedules and contributing to inter-departmental discussions, as well as assisting with program-related issues and new project specifications when they emerge.  Your line of reporting will be a Senior Program Leader.   


  • Cooperating with local hiring managers
  • Completing required paperwork
  • Develops and recommends new or revised program goals and objectives
  • Develops and facilitates workshops
  • Organise and lead the Programme Management Unit
  • Resolve those customer complaints/inquiries which cannot be dealt with by front line staff

Experience required:

  • Experience providing professional and administrative support at a senior level
  • Excellent analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Ability to run project post-mortems and make improvements based on key findings
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally
  • Ability to multi-task


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