Junior PHP Developer

     We are looking for a candidate capable of  taking development projects through their lifecycle from start to end according to schedule.  They will deliver high quality products, possess the discipline to comply with PHP coding standards and contribute to other diverse teams across a range of time zones and geographical locations.  You will liaise with fellow PHP developers as well as other development teams, such as CSS and HTML developers, design personnel and database architects.    

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Help more experienced programmers to build custom PHP applications and platforms from scratch.
  • Gaining experience and assist your team in designing and specifying technical projects, including evaluating technologies to be used, designing databases and relationships.
  • Support existence projects.
  • Help in testing and debugging code
  • Work with Various CMS.

Experience required:

  • 1 year experience in web development.
  • PHP knowledge, fast learning of the new languages.
  • Some experience with databases, including MySQL and/or Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Good organizational skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • Technical English
  • Good communication skills, good writing skill;
  • Good motivated and a team player.
  • Ability to understand and execute tasks from project managers and team leaders.
  • Ability to write clean code.

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