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J2ME Development

Mobile devices are revolutionizing communication, business, e-commerce, education, and entertainment. What people the world over want is the ability to access information, entertainment, their coursework and their friends or colleagues, at anytime and anywhere. What businesses want is the ability to reach their customers, potential customers, or their workforce members, wherever they may be, with information, data, product or service offerings, etc., in a timely manner. Achieving these goals requires effective, easy-to-use, and, in most cases, exciting apps, such as those achieved through J2ME development.

Java2 Micro-Edition is a cross-platform language that is specifically designed for mobile devices and PDA’s, and, as such, is the ideal source for app development. In fact, mobile application development in J2ME is highly valued because of its portability and its unique and robust multi-media features.

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J2ME application development is one of the strongest departments of SoftGroup. For years, our developers have worked with each edition of Java, even before J2ME mobile application development became so popular. Now, however, this specific niche of Java development is widely requested by our clients, as they seek solutions for an increasingly mobile-computing world.

J2ME development is extremely versatile, and the experts at SoftGroup consistently deliver phenomenal customized applications to clients in the following areas:
  • Business Solutions: Intranet and extranet functions of any business are now easily accomplished through J2ME development. In-house technology departments may certainly complete a J2ME application development tutorial, but the unique needs of a business are often not met through this rather generic training. The developers at SoftGroup have the experience with J2ME to design apps for communication, networking, administrative operations, inventory and distribution management, project tracking, and HR functions, as well as all m-commerce functions. Rapid deployment in a cross-platform environment is a particular strength, so that, no matter what the mobile device, the apps work perfectly.
  • Gaming and entertainment industries: SoftGroup has been a lead “player” in the J2ME game development industry. In addition to exciting, popular video game development, SoftGroup has created mobile apps for international casinos, with interactive and live-gaming features previously only available on traditional computers. Many of these gaming entrepreneurs have been frustrated in attempting to use the J2ME game development tutorial to create their own apps, and SoftGroup has gladly stepped in to complete the apps developments for them.
  • Transportation and distribution industries: Here, the keywords are communication, communication and more communication in order to move people and products efficiently and in cost-effective ways. Scheduling, tracking and evaluating are now all available on mobile devices, streamlining these processes and allowing quick decision-making from anywhere.
  • Social networking for business, professional and social purposes: The SoftGroup team has designed and launched networking sites for a number of clients, and their customers appreciate the easy user interfaces and content management options.
  • On-line educational institutions use SoftGroup often. Specific J2ME development tools are especially well-suited for creation of course catalogues, curricula and syllabi, assignment delivery, message boards, and more.

Other clients of SoftGroup include real estate, mortgage and investment companies, media providers, and, of course, retailers who want constant availability to customers. We welcome inquiries regarding our large portfolio of case studies.

When clients come to SoftGroup, they receive individualized consultation, budget-friendly J2ME development, continual updating during the development process and on-time launches. Contact SoftGroup today!



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