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Palm Development

The Palm Pilot is an older PDA device but remains a favorite among busy professionals because of its ease of use and because the many upgrades have increased its versatility. Palm development has been an area of expertise of SoftGroup for a number of years, and our PDA team continues to engage in significant Palm software development for business and personal use.

The Palm operating system is single-threaded, and apps are written using CodeWarrior 9.x, and C/C++, using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS as well. With these, our Palm developers are able to provide versatility and porting, delivering basic business solutions quickly and effectively. Every Palm developer at SoftGroup engages in rigorous QA/testing prior to launch and provides continued support and maintenance post-launch.

Typical Palm application development includes custom software apps, games and entertainment, a variety of business applications, social networking, cameras, utilities and tools apps, and voice recording.

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  • Variable Methodogies, surch as: RUP, Agile/XP and more
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  • Many Technology Skills Accessible in One Facility
  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property

Consider the need of a design engineer or a project manager who is on project sites throughout most of his/her day. The ability to manage multiple projects on one device, to schedule activities and events, and to maintain project calendars are all critical tasks, for which Palm development is perfect. The additional hugely popular app request is in the area of relationship databases. Using our own uniquely developed Palm development kit, we are able to incorporate customized databases for any business. Once created, new categories can be added and the data can be re-arranged or re-assembled in a variety of ways, dependent upon client need. An additional development app is the design of client-specific voice recording software. The ability to voice-record project information, as well as add notes to that information, is a unique Palm development app from SoftGroup.

When clients approach SoftGroup for Palm software development, or any PDA app assistance, we provide a thoroughly individualized approach. Dependent upon the specific needs and objectives that come from an initial consultation, we can recommend software apps from our Palm development kit or design fully customized apps for unique needs. Once the developer or development team begins on a development, the client is continually consulted and updated, in order to ensure exact compliance with client desires and ease of use. Every app is then tested and debugged prior to launch and delivery, and, in this way, the client receives a product that is perfectly designed. As well, every client receives support and maintenance, as necessary, and upgrades can be accomplished from that point forward.

SoftGroup prides itself in its additional Palm development for games and entertainment, social networking, and utilities and tools apps, all of which can be easily utilized and then transferred to any PC via plug-ins. This is especially valuable for professionals who are out of their offices on project sites and then must return and share data, information, and schedules with co-workers.

Whether you continue to use a Palm device or have migrated to other PDA devices, SoftGroup is an industry leader in the development of unique software apps. We welcome inquiries and are happy to share with any prospective client our large portfolio of projects in this arena. Contact SoftGroup with your specific needs and learn how we can provide the perfect solutions.



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