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What is SharePoint development? It is a Microsoft-developed web application platform that allows organizations to manage all of their in-house and related out-of-house processes and activities. Originally used only for Intranet content and document management, SharePoint development has evolved as organizational needs have expanded and become more complex as well as paperless.

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Development in SharePoint will allow a number of functions, as follows:
  • Workplace intranet sites, portals, and sub-sites, so that employers, employees, and outside contractors/vendors can access those lists, files and functions to complete their tasks, upload documents and data, as well as communicate via email, chat, and message boards.
  • Customized user permissions, so that every member or outside individual has access to those files and libraries that are specific to his/her function within the organization but is denied access to those sites and sub-sites that are prohibited. The “need to know” function is perhaps one of the most important and effective facets of SharePoint development.
  • Content and data management in any number of formats and reporting venues
  • Extranet functions for vendors and outside contractors to access the information and data they need, in order to prepare bids, to complete tasks, etc.
  • Searches within the entire intranet or extranet files, documents, message boards, etc.
  • Workflow templates and management
  • Communication among employees in order to share and collaborate on tasks and projects

SharePoint development 2007, when first released, was considered to be a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It was a major enhancement to business tasks, allowing companies and other organizations to establish sites, sub-sites and portals for their employees. SoftGroup began to offer SharePoint 2007 development to its clients immediately, and its team consistently designed customized functions for a wide variety of enterprises. As business needs became increasingly complex and global, SharePoint development 2010 was released, offering additional protocols and architectures for network functions, such as SOAP, REST, and ODATA. SharePoint 2010 development has global functions that perform such tasks as immediate translation, as well as enhanced workplace communication apps for collaboration, searches and workflow. In fact, Development SharePoint 2010 is now the preferred Intranet and Extranet web application platform for most clients who seek such development from SoftGroup.

Consider a major international lending or investment institution. Processors and underwriters are housed in offices all over the world. Each has a portal for his/her own pipeline, but, given the confidential nature of personal borrower or investor information, it makes sense that these individuals should not have access to the pipelines of other processors/underwriters. Content databases are set ups with specific user permissions that allow the appropriate access in the appropriate languages, through SharePoint development. At the same time, individual investors/account holders have portals to their own sub-sites, a function that allows them to access their accounts.

Corporations that have a variety of projects are able to set up portals for all involved, so that information, ideas, and data can be shared, as the project moves forward. Educational institutions find portal set-ups through web-based systems allow students access to message boards, blogs, curriculum, assignments, and their own personal credit and grade reporting information.

SoftGroup understands the huge number of applications and functions available through SharePoint development 2010. A client, however, may not. It is therefore a major part of our service to provide free initial consulting with any client, in order to determine which of the protocols, functions and apps should be built. Any client currently on SharePoint development 2007, moreover, should contact us for a consultation on the benefits of migration of that platform to the 2010 version.



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