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The workplace has expanded exponentially with the growth of mobile device technology and the resultant ability to execute almost any business function from anywhere in the world. Busy professionals, no matter what the enterprise, have now found that the ability to access data, communicate with any workforce member, track project progress, and manage sales, suppliers, customers and content is critical to their business’s growth, success and profits; public and other non-profit organizations are discovering the value of windows mobile app development for effective management of their functions as well. Understanding the unique needs of any enterprise and building customized software for mobile apps is what SoftGroup is all about, and we are a leader in serving any client with any need.

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  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property

Windows mobile applications are extremely popular and effective, because everyone has familiarity with this operating system, and using it on mobile devices means that the learning curve is reduced to simply becoming familiar with the device itself. For this reason, executives and managers are adding application windows mobile devices to the toolbox of their employees, so that important collaboration, functions and decision-making can occur no matter where any employee may be.

For business professionals, SoftGroup offers a wide variety of customized windows mobile development tools, in order to achieve the following management tasks and functions:
  • M-commerce: Retail and wholesale entrepreneurs can take their on-line store to customers anywhere. The convenience of purchasing at any time is invaluable for building customer loyalty. The solutions from SoftGroup will result in smooth and customer-friendly experiences, and inventory and supply chains can be perfectly managed
  • Business management solutions include Windows mobile app development to provide access to all critical data and information whenever it is needed, project management, collaborative sharing among employees, instant communication with suppliers and customers, and complete security and user permission interfaces. Out-of-office decision-making, as well as collaboration among workforce departments the world over is now possible through the work of SoftGroup, the premier Windows app development company.
  • Public, educational and other non-profit organization will be able to manage all of their functions smoothly and easily with apps developed by SoftGroup. Instructors and students, for example find communication and interaction to be a seamless process when apps are in place for their mobile devices.

While SoftGroup has consistently provided Windows mobile app development for Windows mobile 5, 6, and 6.1, Windows mobile 7 app development is now the most frequently requested. Migration from any of the earlier platforms is easily accomplished by SoftGroup, so that Windows mobile 7 apps, the latest and most robust platform, improves overall performance and user ease.

A word About Content Management: M-commerce entrepreneurs often come to SoftGroup after having engaged in a Windows mobile app development tutorial but still frustrated with processes for updating sites, uploading files, or adding/deleting links. Our team is ready to develop apps for content management that you will find far easier to use and will assist you throughout the learning process.

Many predict that mobile devices will ultimately replace pc’s and laptops and that virtual workplaces will exist wherever an owner, manager, or employee may be. Given that mobile devices are now able to handle huge amounts of data and information, through an ever increasing number of apps, this certainly appears to be our future. Move your enterprise into the 21st century with customized Windows mobile app development from SoftGroup. Tell us what you want an app to do and we will make it happen!



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