Bill Wood,
Ping Identity, karmafied.com

“We will always choose SoftGroup, the best custom software outsourcing company, anytime we have a need because we are sure that they will deliver.”

J.R. Carter,
Dell Computer Corp

“We work on various projects with SOFTGROUP, the most professional IT software company, as we believe that our time and efforts should be employed in working on our key competencies; we always end up doing more while our workers do what they best know how to.”

John Rooney,
U.S.Department of Energy

“We also know that SOFTGROUP is a trusted partner with numerous companies in US apart from being among the leading outsource software development gurus as well as outsource software companies.”

John Dryer,

“We have never regretted our cooperation with SOFTGROUP because they deliver in any task we give them, inspite of their complexity it may be without giving any excuses. Their work is always impeccable and we greatly take cognizance of their novel approach to all our assignments. IBM totally believes in SOFTGROUP since they always keep their word. “

Tom Jarosh,
IBM Systems and Technology Group

“We cannot overemphasize our total belief in SoftGroup, especially regarding their ingenious ISO security certification which continues to add value to our business. SoftGroup is a business partner in software outsourcing that we have learned to trust and our relationship is not about to end.”

Albert Lee,
New York Media

“While it may appear like software outsourcing has actually gone to the dogs, it is good to note that there are real professionals in business of software outsourcing with SoftGroup actually leading the way. These guys have continued to excel and in many cases they have performed beyond our wildest expectations. SoftGroup is populated with highly competent engineers who can be trusted to make decisions on behalf of your business that you can totally rely on. SoftGroup has had a long term relationship with New York Media and this has contributed to our having a competitive edge, in the process brining down our cost of doing business. Our in house engineers are normally left to do their work flawlessly as they even build on the talent afforded by SoftGroup.”

Dan Dodson,
PHH Mortgage

“At PPH Mortgage we can pride ourselves for having a unique but highly effective loan origination platform, thanks to our collaboration with SoftGroup. The engineering team from SoftGroup is a highly qualified and effective one because they have set PPH Mortgage way ahead of its peers as far as automation is concerned. We cannot overemphasize the support we always receive from SoftGroup any time we need it.”

Jim Buczkowski,
Ford Research and Innovation

“SoftGroup has been a very critical component in our ability to meet our objectives especially by designing our state-of-the-art interactive video tutorial. We specifically chose SoftGroup for this assignment because of their proven track record of always being able to deliver beyond our wildest expectations. We always anticipate the privilege of working with such a committed team of software developers who understand even our unspoken needs.”



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