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Some of our latest clients


Project Management System

Categories, tasks, comments, files, reports, priorities, deadlines, group performance, control, payment of wages, etc.

Matrix Control

Employee's Activity Monitoring

Working time, quantity of typed  words / characters, typed text, screenshots, visited links, etc.

Resume Manager

Automatic CV Analysis Software

KolibriOS Installer

KolibriOS installer (www.kolibrios.org) on flash memory or HDD file system FAT32.


Program for automatic work with forums.drom.ru

Facebook Poster

Easy to use software for messages posting on the  friend's Facebook wall.


Software for fast posting to Twitter, works through the full version of the site, supports HTTP and SOCKS4 / 5 proxy, multithreading.

Tiny QR Code

QR code generator.


Program for automatic work with an account on the site vk.com.


Program for the searching and collection information against cars on the site auto.ria.ua


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