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Microservice platform providing users with interface to perform payments, deposits and conversions using ONPEX/Clearbank

Project description

The project is a currency transfer site (a competitor to Customers (who are either individuals or small businesses) use the platform to exchange currencies and make payments to people abroad in foreign currencies. The core technology is a web application which is written in Scala, SBT, Spray and Akka, with AWS Aurora (a MySQL compatible database) and provides a RESTful API for the front-end. The front-end is written in AngularJS 1.xx / Grunt / LESS / Bower. The app is deployed on AWS infrastructure (although we will manage DevOps in-house). A lot of the trading functionality involves third-party integrations, which are generally REST-based. We are moving towards a microservices architecture. The new services have a similar stack, although Spray has been upgraded to Akka HTTP. In addition, we are building a new version of the front-end using AngularJS 4.xx. Version control is via Mercurial. Developers will be expected to maintain the existing app and add new features. They will typically be working on a story across the stack - so making changes to the database (we use Liquibase for database changes), back-end changes (Scala), and the front-end (Angular) as necessary. They will need to be able to run the stack locally - this will require them to have a MySQL server, SBT / JDK 8, and NPM (the front-end runs in a node server for local development). We have an Agile work environment so if possible we would like developers to be available for the daily standup meetings, via Slack or ideally Skype. Our release process involves testing and code review, so more senior developers would be expected to help review code (we have a code review platform called Mercurial), and comment on potential bugs / improvements. Test-driven development and good code quality is important to us so this is something we would need in a remote worker.




~13 000 pounds per month


From March 2018




5 developers