Software User Experience

SoftGroup can conduct evaluations of any business software system and/or software products to determine whether or not it meets the needs of the end customers. By doing this, we focus on a specific step that is often neglected by other companies. We are interested in finding out the demographics of the users who utilize software products. Software user experience is a vital element in deciding how to design and develop consumer products from user interface design to all other aspects of the software.

Most of the time, emphasis is placed primarily on whether or not a product works the way it is supposed to work. That is, certain actions are routinely undertaken. Hardware is checked for any problems and software is routinely debugged. Everyone on a team, from managers to testers to developers, work around the clock to assure that every software product functions as it is supposed to function. However, these things mean nothing unless the software is able to serve the customers for whom it was designed. During website user experience, customers must perceive real software value.

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A lot of companies consider website user experience last, taking other things into consideration first. If this consideration is given any thought at all, it can be too late in the product’s developmental cycle to implement changes. This is where our company can be of great assistance. We have years of experience working with clients to make their software work better and to be more useful. This is how we do it:

UX Design Approach

SoftGroup has years of expert experience in more than 150 different companies, helping them determine their software’s usability and consumer experience with it. We have developed over 2500 successful software projects and are best qualified to give input about best website user experience. Software user experience is one of the most vital elements in determining the feasibility of a successful software project. Without knowledge of software user experience, there can be no guarantees of the product’s success. We design products around user experience. We like to consider ourselves a user experience design agency.

During our evaluations, we check for the following :

  • User Experience Design
    User experience should be taken into consideration in terms of search, navigation, color schemes, accessibility and other factors that play into maximizing control and clarity.
  • Activity-Centered Design
    We take the necessary steps to complete each application or website activity by reducing the number of steps necessary, objects or users.
  • Technology-Centered Design
    We are a user experience design company that uses many different technologies that maximize application success. We place focus on feasibility, application limitations and adaptability.
  • Convergent Design
    The final result is one that is known as a Convergent Design. This design recommends proven measures for improving the usability of software and that creates a positive experience for the user.

What We Deliver:

  • Scope of Project
  • Evaluation
  • Analysis of Testing by Users
  • Usability Assessment Report
  • Unique Strategies for Design
  • Comparison Report Focused on Competition
  • Product Roadmap & Innovations Report

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