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Utilities Software Solutions from SoftGroup

No services are more regulated, criticized, and open to security threats than utility services. Whether supplying gas, electricity, or water, an enterprise should not underestimate the importance of utility management since it is critical for business and supply operations, customer satisfaction, and security. With growing population, demand rises too, which makes industry challenges even more complex. Nevertheless, appropriate utility software can make difference and changes the attitude of consumers, protect from compliance investigations, and safeguard from security threats.

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Utility software solutions fall into three categories, and SoftGroup has professional utility software specialists such as programmers and systems analysts who have backgrounds in developing all of them. As the industry technology evolves, we continue to expand team in order to be able to provide exceptional utility software to all clients.

Meter-to-Revenue Solutions

Basic operations of a utility business involve meter reading service, repair, maintenance, all administrative functions, and of course, crucial customer service. Operations also include HR functions, billing, as well as data collection and management. Because of its long history in developing utilities solutions, SoftGroup can offer both BPO services and/or develop customized utilities solutions for utility companies of any type or size, enhancing the efficiency of all business operations.

Our utilities billing software, for example, is designed to ensure customer base growth and immediate computation of any rate changes, including taxes and other fees. On the other hand, our customer service software concerns managing and tracking all requests for service and customer complaints as well as logging and organizing data by any criterion, for instance, demographic specifics.

Delivery Systems Management & Event Management

These areas of any utility service enterprise become more and more technologically advanced each year. Delivery systems are continually monitored and controlled by utility software that is rapidly and constantly undergoing change. Our company keeps up with trends, and its utility software consistently remains in the forefront of development in this area. We know how to meet the current and future needs for these delivery systems.

Incident reporting and management are more than simply features of good business in this industry. These are the piles or a company and as a rule, requirements of local, state, or federal agencies. All related data must be logged and collated in great detail. Furthermore, reporting to appropriate agencies must follow all regulatory standards, and the software designed by SoftGroup is capable of guaranteeing full compliance.


Just like in any industry, there are security threats to utility systems. Fortunately, the Center for Internet Security (CSI) has established sound security benchmarks. SoftGroup collaborates with the CSI when developing its security software systems for different businesses, including utility service enterprises. We can confidently state that using our security software ensures the highest standard of protection for all IT services in use. Federal regulations dictate very specific parameters for security, and SoftGroup meets those standards at all times.

Many software developers avoid working with utility industry because the sophistication requires the highest level of expertise. SoftGroup, on the other hand, welcomes the challenges and is ready to provide BPO services and develop utility- and/or company-specific software solutions for the improvement of business operations, delivery, and compliance.



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