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An industry that has advanced rapidly is the healthcare and life sciences one. Continual progress in research activities and in technological capability has resulted in very sophisticated working methods. There has been a significant increase in the demand for healthcare contract management software in this field owing, in part, to the substantial cash injection in areas such as bio-technology and the manufacture and marketing of laboratory equipment.

Compared to other industry sectors, the field of healthcare is vastly different and more important because its tangible output is that it influences human health and well-being. Before healthcare is applied, its success can only be measured in terms of probabilities and it is sometimes even difficult to quantify it after its application. However, advancements in research and technology are making healthcare more globally quantifiable. Technology such as healthcare dashboard software and other healthcare software systems are replacing centralized hospital and department-based systems, moving to a more distributed environment where patient records are accessible via networks from any location.

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However, deploying and implementing IT systems for healthcare can be challenging. Health care records and the units that administer them are complex and sensitive entities that need the professional input, cooperation and collaboration of doctors, pharmaceutical personnel, administrators and IT experts to devise solutions that integrate the clinical aspects with the more practical areas of financial and operational management.

Establishing a healthcare enterprise that operates successfully and smoothly involves the intricate challenge of balancing and combining capital and operational budgets with a sophisticated IT system capable of managing them efficiently.

The staff at SoftGroup are dedicated to providing custom healthcare software development services to small and medium-sized enterprises with the aim of helping them to provide quality care and, therefore, more successful results for their patients.

Furthermore, SoftGroup, one of the leading healthcare software companies in USA, aims to help operators adapt to continual market changes by transforming their existing applications and healthcare call center software as required. The healthcare software that SoftGroup provides is compliant with the well-known Care2x open source framework, which is world-renowned. Our objective is to improve patient care while simultaneously improving competitiveness and cost-effectiveness. Our healthcare policy management software is based on industry specifications for processes such as pricing, billing, coding, auditing, reviewing and generally managing patient records.

We endeavor to make operations more efficient by making cost reductions in administration and delivery processes without compromising on patient well-being and health. Our healthcare software is patient-centric and our methodologies are inter-operable.

The services offered by SoftGroup include:

  • Collaboration management in healthcare units
  • Integrations and interoperabilities
  • EHR / EMR / testing and enhancement of products / maintenance and support
  • Business intelligence and Healthcare Information Management
  • Revenue management
  • Cloud computing and the capability to manage infrastructure remotely

The healthcare and life science industry is similar to other market sectors in that it needs its software to be validated and qualified, its infrastructure needs managing, it needs document management as well as business intelligence and overall application management. SoftGroup caters for all these requirements through the provision of competent and professional IT services in the areas of application testing and management, web application development, collaboration, system integration and healthcare business intelligence software.

We also specialize in the following areas:

  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • We undertake feasibility studies and document our findings
  • We deliver projects within budget and deadline and according to the prescribed requirements.

We will help you steer your enterprise’s progress to its rightful position in the marketplace through our expertise in providing applications that integrate your clinical, financial and operation functions.



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