Electronic equipment trading for wholesale customers

Computers and computer accessories are some of the most wanted, popular and rapidly-changing items on the market.

Thousands of people who are ready to buy new PCs or accessories are visiting the internet to browse and shop for new computers, printers, monitors and many other computer-related items. Apart from software development, Soft-Group.com also sells the computers and computer accessories for companies and individuals.

We can offer a wide range of computers, spare parts and accessories:

  • Personal Computers
  • Apple Computers
  • Laptops
  • Notebooks
  • Monitors
  • Hard Drives
  • Printers
  • Scaners
  • Keyboards and mices
  • Webcameras
  • networking components, cables
  • and many other computer-related items

Both individuals and companies are looking where to buy computers and accessories for different types of tasks. After getting the prerequisites our managers will get the best suitable configurations for your tasks and wishes. And they will ensure that customer will get the requested service on time and in accordance with the indicated budget. We’ve helped a number of companies and individuals in their/
The computer market is still in its infancy. A new or first generation of technologies is introduced almost every day.

Companies like Apple and Google are redefining the boundaries of technology. Thus, there is a certain category of users requiring flagship products on the day when it becomes publicly available. The price for such products is way too high for the average customer, so there is a major group of customers who are looking for the hi-tech equipment with the lower price and more accessible to the average user. So the number of items sold actually increases to fill the large demand created by buyers who waited for the price to come down. Then, when new technologies are again introduced, this now third generation equipment is moved down the chain to users who don't mind, to use old hardware.

We respond to the customer’s needs for the wide range of the accessories from top-notch to standard equipment. Soft-Group.com deals with all orders responsibly and diligently. Customers are simply requested to get us their prerequisites and requirements and we do the rest for them, giving them options to choose from within the given time frame.

Why buy your computer from soft-group.com?

There are hundreds of computer companies to choose from

We have summarised the reasons for buying from SoftGroup.com rather than shopping elsewhere

Soft-Group.com offers the service that will meet your budget expectations

We are offering a number of benefits for our customers, among which:

  • We have a team of genuine enthusiasts as opposed to text-book trained employees. We know much about our field of expertise.
  • Our warranties include a free support for given time and delivery service.
  • There are no hidden costs if your computer gets a hardware fault - we collect and return free of charge.
  • You can choose from hundreds of different components and possible configurations, so you don’t need to shop around for different parts.
  • We do not use cheap components in order to compete on price.
  • Soft-Group is an established and creditworthy business.
  • We're open Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm and on Saturdays 9am - 5pm.
  • No expensive call charges!

Though selling the computers and accessories is a good business for many companies, it shouldn’t be a get-rich-quick deal. When dealing with the customers we are taking care of each and every one of them. Because we strongly rely on our customers’ feedbacks, we are seeing what are our strongest benefits and showing what a great seller we are. And on the other hand we are seeing what and where are our weaknesses.

It takes a lot of work to make and keep buyers happy. We always have time and interest to devote to taking care of the details of our business. So, for instance, getting packages to the shipping store on time when it’s raining cats and dogs, or answering buyer’s emails after a long-long day of negotiations is our must. We are ready and excited about the possibilities of the future, so we are doing our best today to get a rewarding and profitable experience tomorrow.

The buyers have countless options for where to buy their computers and accessories. It is often impossible to compete with all these sellers on price alone. There are sure to be larger sellers out there who can buy in such large bulk quantities that their per-item price drops significantly. That’s why we are focused on competing on customer service and reliable shipping.

To get more information and our wholesale pricelist, please contact us:
  • e-mail: sales@soft-group.com
  • tel.: +1-646-564-5598, +38-044-451-6764

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