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Software Development For Educational and E-learning Purposes

Introducing Value and Innovation to Learning

Once, education was seen as a social obligation of every society but nowadays it has gradually become an industry of professional proportions. In schools and colleges the world over, educators seek learning methods that prepare students for careers in global corporate businesses. And, given today’s reliance on technology, it is hardly surprising that many modern learning methods are education software programs, designed to give students the edge in their particular field of study.

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Soft-Group Advantages

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Technological advances have brought about something of a revolution in academic circles, an achievement which has allowed students at all levels to improve their knowledge through many different types of education software. At SoftGroup, we have extensive experience and expertise in developing education software for children and adults alike. We are pleased to be able to share our knowledge and technical capability in developing sophisticated e-learning and classroom applications.

Our core business activity is the design and development of school education software and we help academic establishments deploy our solutions. We act as the ideal pedagogical partner to such clients bringing our technical skills to bear in creating highly sophisticated e-learning programs and online education software.

Our Expertise in Developing Education Software for E-learning and Educational Providers Includes:

  • Development of website content management systems
  • Development of a range of education software
  • Development of electronic library applications
  • Development of knowledge base systems
  • Development of standalone e-learning applications
  • Development of email promotional and mass mailing software
  • Development of issue tracking software
  • Development of scheduling systems
  • Development of assessment software and reporting tools
  • Development of CRM (customer relationship management) software
  • Development of integrated online payment and social community systems

Enhance Your E-learning Knowledge by Making SoftGroup Your Web Development Service Provider

At SoftGroup, we believe in working in partnership with academic establishments, ASPs and ISVs to bring innovative learning methodologies and education training software to aspiring and ambitious students. The e-learning systems we design enable both tutors and students to interact easily with each other and reap the many benefits that education software and virtual teaching technology such as video conferencing brings. Distant learning is a popular choice with IP technology making communication possible from any location in the world.

Our e-learning programs are designed with integrated scheduling and reporting functionality, which elevates them to an advanced level and makes course administrative work much more convenient and efficient.

Another great aspect of SoftGroup’s expertise is its proficiency in developing knowledge base and repository systems such as electronic library applications, which are now commonplace in learning environments. These are useful as training tools, for circulating information and for recording operational procedures and industry best practice guidelines.

Keeping Up-to-date with Education and E-learning Developments

These days, modern e-learning programs are frequently used in conjunction with traditional teaching methodologies. Indeed, sophisticated e-learning applications can totally replicate the entire learning experience and even replace all traditional classroom activities

Educational authorities continually strive to find new learning opportunities and methods of delivering it to students of all capabilities and at all academic levels. In fact, the most conventional of teaching establishments, such as schools and colleges, are turning to education learning software for assessing students and reporting on their progress, and they find applications that accommodate such activities as class scheduling a great help in optimizing their every day administrative tasks.



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