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Logistics and Distribution Software for any Organization

None company that sells producer or consumer goods can survive without highly effective logistics software – software that tracks inventory, supply, sales, distribution, and transport of goods from one place to another. What managers also understand, however, is that any logistics planning software must also include the same types of tracking for raw materials coming into manufacturing centers and reverse logistics software that will manage all aspects of after-market customer service.

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The most critical aspects of profitability for any business that relies on sales and distribution of products are the abilities to obtain orders and rapidly fill those orders, getting them to the customers in the most expedited manner. Warehouse management software is also an integral part of this process. In order to do this today, whether customers are domestic, foreign, or any combination thereof, logistics and distribution software is essential. Even more essential, moreover, is the absolutely best software for unique needs of the organization. SoftGroup understands this need for the most sophisticated software that is, at the same time, personalized. To accomplish its mission of service to any type of product-related industry, whether manufacturing or retail, SoftGroup has selected logistics and distribution experts from such business organizations to design logistics software solutions that truly work in exemplary fashion.

For a “mover” of products, supply chain logistic software is a must, because such tracking and monitoring ensures that inventories are as close to supply and demand reality as possible. Inventory accuracy and customized reporting of that inventory is a breeze with the logistics software programs available at SoftGroup. Tracking shipment expediency to ensure that customers receive their goods on time will allow making important management decisions regarding this crucial aspect of one’s business. In general, the logistics management software provided by SoftGroup will analyze each client’s issues and needs and design the perfect customized software package to provide accuracy, methods of forecasting, and management of all critical information that adds the greatest efficacy to the flow of goods.

Reverse logistics software cannot be ignored, because after-market customer service guarantees customer satisfaction and business referrals. Dependent upon the nature of the business, there will be a need for management in the areas of spare parts, responses to customer issues, relationship management, recycling, and, often warranty management. Any logistics software system that truly serves a client will incorporate tracking, auditing, and reporting of all customer service functions, and SoftGroup designs premier customized packages based upon client uniqueness.

A newer and currently expensive aspect of logistics and distribution software is RFID technology. While most product suppliers are not currently using RFID, it is inevitable and will become less costly as time goes on. SoftGroup is currently poised to incorporate RFID technology, as it becomes more widely used, and businesses may wish to experiment with a small pilot project.

Decisions relative to the purchase of logistics and distribution software are, quite frankly, the most important decisions managers may make. Without the correct solutions for one’s needs, inventory, sales, distribution, transport and customer service will suffer. When these things suffer, customers are lost.



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