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Building Communication Enterprises for The Future

With the phenomenal growth of mobile communications and cloud computing, along with a huge emphasis on content management, opportunities come knocking at an equally rapid rate. To make optimum use of these opportunities, shrewd enterprises look for savvy technology, such as smart communication software, and strategic methods to personalize their services, turn opportunities into cash and expand their businesses, a process often referred to by phrases such as ‘optimize, personalize and monetize’ or similar ‘buzz phrases’.

As this technical revolution spreads and becomes ever more centralized, enterprises need to take a realistic view of the marketplace and there is no doubt that revenue from voice technology is dwindling. Customers no longer remain loyal to one brand but switch providers regularly to take advantage of the best deals available. In the marketplace, new competition comes in the form of OTT (over-the-top) providers using such means as internet communication software to reach untapped markets. There is an urgency, therefore, for enterprises to cut costs, make their operations more efficient while seizing new business opportunities to generate revenue by offering new products and services through the use of intelligent business communication software. The focus for the future needs to be concentrated on devising new and unique business models and by constantly listening to consumers.

The Many Challenges and The Opportunities They Bring

Operational flexibility: Typically, providers of telephone and online communication software have matured by consolidating and extending their enterprises by bolting on new solutions to the infrastructure they already have in place. Often, the result is operational models that are isolated, too complicated and difficult to manage. Now, however, the need to compete against more agile operators requires communication software suppliers to keep their business models simpler in key areas such as understand and responding to customers more sympathetically, by cutting costs, by offering bundled deals and by providing a pricing structure based on usage

Managing customer experience or CEM (Customer Experience Management) as it is sometimes referred to: These days, communication software service providers have much less control over consumer loyalty. Consumers are influenced by their favorite devices and the communication software, free download software and other internet applications that they receive through them. To counter this disruptive trend, enterprises need to devise unique CEM initiatives and use every possible means of marketing communication software packages to consumers so that they are faced with an irresistible blend of attractively-priced products in a timely and targeted manner.

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Soft-Group Advantages

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  • Variable Methodogies, surch as: RUP, Agile/XP and more
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  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property

Attracting digital consumers and retaining their custom, some statistics suggest that, in 2009, there were around 450 million people using mobile internet services and that, by 2013, this figure will exceed one billion. This does not include the increasing use of other internet-compatible devices such as smartphonessmart phones and many other miscellaneous types of communication software. Unsurprisingly, suppliers want to secure a slice of this high content usage so they must seek ways of generating revenue from every aspect of it.

Continual Innovation and Improvement: There has been something of a confusing convergence of the services offered by satellite, cable, wireless and wire line providers. For an enterprise to succeed now, it needs to differentiate itself by offering a range of integrated, innovative and unique services.

How SoftGroup Can Add Value to Your Business

SoftGroup can help providers by demonstrating to them a good example of communication software to enable them to manage change by communicating, connecting and interacting more effectively with consumers. We can help them face new challenges in the key areas of transforming their enterprise, speeding up innovation and in making their operational models more efficient.



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