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Recipes portal oriented at Swiss residents

Project description

Client purchased a ready WP template for recipes portal and our job was to develop extra backend functionality for the website and to apply a number of custom works to the template as per designs provided by the client. New functionality should make possible to have a price comparison table on a single recipe page for each particular ingredient or product. By adding a recipe (recipes) to the ‘cart’, user should have an ability to see a full shopping cart table list with all ingredients for all selected recipes and to see the best market based on calculated amounts and shopping prices. Additionally, in front end we should add filtered promotions and sales for different stores that could be managed from the admin panel. For the backend we created an extra plugin for ingredients and products management. All the ingredients were imported to WP database in a set csv format (with defined product name, unit/amount, price, store), all data from the table was used for further price comparison table. The system calculated the best price for 1 smallest measurement unit for each ingredient (e.g. 1 g, 1 ml etc) and multiplied per defined amount in the recipe. Some products in a store might have another measurement unit as in recipe. So, here, to make calculation work, we developed an extra functionality to manage conversions for ingredients. Usually, you buy potatoes in store in kgs, but for the recipe you need 3 pieces only. So, there was a need to set an average parameter for 1 potato e.g. 180g in the admin pane and the system could make a comparison in store’s standard measurement unit properly. In the end, the system showed the best product to buy per store and the best store to shop for the particular recipe. There was also an option for authenticated users to add a recipe to a ‘cart’ (like ‘favorite’) and the recipe was added to a big shopping cart table. Here all duplicated ingredients in recipes were automatically summed up and the system showed the best store to buy and the best price for each ingredient. The user could also check-uncheck ingredients from the shopping list and the system made a recalculation at once. Alternatively, the user could select another product from the same store (if available in dropdown), and the system made an update again to show the best product for purchase. The print option and ability to add custom ingredients were implemented too. Another extra functionality was the development of a plugin for promotions and sales per stores with expiry time management for admin






4 months




2 WP developers, manager