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B2B Development

B2B (Business-to-Business) operations and communications have become so globalized and complex that, only with the most up-to-date software solutions can make business hope to truly compete and prosper. Indeed, B2B business development software has become an essential component of any business or industry, as it assists partners and employees coordinate their activities. Consider, for example, the B2B business activity that must occur if a manufacturer of a product is in China, a wholesaler is in California or India, and retailers are based in several other countries as well as on the Internet. Coordinating the entire inventory, sales, and distribution processes becomes a monumental task that can no longer be achieved through phone calls and emails. Clearly B2B website development software must be put in place, with hubs, portals, and applications that are mutually beneficial.

Even within a single business itself, the need for hubs and portals becomes necessary for knowledge sharing and the management of information, content and documents, as well as integration of all business processes. B2B portal development, in fact, absolutely improves and streamlines collaboration of individuals within the business, as well as individuals among several related and interconnected businesses.

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SoftGroup has quickly become an industry leader in the B2B web development arena. Corporate intranets, which began in the 1990’s, have come a long way, with growth of size and complexity. Applications were piled on, creating spaghetti configurations which webmasters found frustrating and extremely difficult to manage. As well, users began to demand more customization. The solution was B2B portal development, a system that allowed users to access those portals which related to their niche within a company or with their counterparts in related companies. This solution has also provided for greater security. Consider, for example, a large public school district website. Certain portals are accessible by the public at large, by parents, students, staff, and by outside vendors. B2B development software allows all of these portals to be placed within a single “hub,” increasing efficiency and content distribution. Businesses have the same needs for information distribution, and management of processes. At SoftGroup, we have the B2B business software solutions for any organization, no matter what its niche, saving that organization the expense of in-house B2B development staff and yet providing the efficiency and customization that the organization needs.

Enterprise application integration is perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. As applications have increased in number, IT departments are overwhelmed with interfacing them effectively, and users are frustrated with the need to go to different applications each time a need for new information occurs. With SoftGroup, all applications can be thoroughly integrated and overlapped, creating user-friendly interfaces that will streamline processes and activities, increasing productivity and certainly employee morale. Dependent upon the customization needs of the business, SoftGroup can utilize mediation, federation or any combination of both.

B2B business development solutions have a significant impact on e-Commerce as well. There are a large number of portals and applications in use, such as catalogues, ordering processes, the completion of transactions, tracking orders, managing all types of projects, and, of course the messaging, meetings, and message boards that must be maintained for all levels of personnel. Achieving all of these tasks with efficacy means more sales and greater profits. SoftGroup is the first-rate software solution provider for all B2B development needs. Their experts stand ready to design customized and integrated software systems for any organization.




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