Embedded Development – Just What is Embedded Software Development?

Embedded software refers to operating systems that are pre-designed for very particular functions and are embedded permanently in computers, PDA’s, cellular phones, game consoles, digital cameras, medical equipment, and other electronic devices. Such software is generally sitting in chips, micro controllers or digital signal processors. Very large operating systems are embedded in larger electronically functioning hardware, such as those that control stoplights, telephone switches, and even nuclear power plants. These types of embedded software are contained in such things as peripherals and networks. But the purposes are the same. Embedded software exists so that devices, large or small, have certain functions programmed within them.

Embedded development is the function of design engineers, of which SoftGroup has a significant number.One might wonder what would be the purpose of design engineers for embedded software development if the electronic devices used by individuals and businesses already have such software?

Simple solution for complex tasks
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The answer is quite simple and two-fold
  • Standing Devices in Need of Alterations or Enhancements. Often, a business client will contact SoftGroup, because the embedded software in his/her devices, from computers to mobile devices, is not meeting all of his/her needs. Such business leaders have the option to purchase additional peripheral devices that hopefully have the desired functions, or they can request embedded system development from the design engineers at SoftGroup, thus gaining a permanent solution to the problems. In the case of computer technology, SoftGroup can work within already-existing Linux embedded development and Windows embedded development to build additional imbedded software frameworks, including algorithms, communications programming, and USP protocols. Imbedded Linus development and imbedded Windows software can be thus enhanced and improved to meet clients’ specific needs.
  • At other times, a client may appear who has a product design and who needs the expertise of software engineers, with exceptional embedded development tools, to build custom imbedded software. The development software library of designs and modules of SoftGroup can be modified and “tweaked” for any need. In other words, give us your product design, tell us what you want it to do, and we will develop the embedded software to perform those tasks.

Among the devices and products with which SoftGroup works are consumer devices, computers, automotive functions, medical devices, industrial systems, and peripheral devices.

As well, we have software or can design embedded software of the following types:
  • DSP software for audio and visual features
  • RF software for such things as WiFi, cellular devices, RF protocols, GPS devices and systems, etc.
  • Micro controller software, sensor interfaces, board support packages, and multi-threaded applications
Areas of embedded development in which SoftGroup has worked include the following:
  • PDA and mobile software application development
  • Security application development
  • Signal processing
  • Real-time embedded systems development
  • Smart card applications
  • Communications software

If you need your current electronic devices to perform additional functions, or if you have a product design in need of embedded development, you can find no organization more expert than SoftGroup. A free initial consultation will convince you of this!



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