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Take control of business critical and mission sensitive processes

In terms of the current global economic crisis, the activities of the energy industry and utility providers in general are an extremely sensitive subject. The energy and utilities sector gets singled out for special attention because their mission processes are highly visible and are, therefore, subject to public scrutiny. It is also a sector where IT systems and sophisticated energy software are crucial for optimizing productivity and where surveillance technology is used to manage risk and for monitoring and implementing timely changes.

SoftGroup offers IT Software Development Services to the Energy and Utilities Sector

At SoftGroup, we help enterprises that supply energy and other utilities by providing energy software solutions which are designed to optimize their operational processes. The client base we cater for are dependent on high-end applications which enables them to draw on information from numerous sources as they continually monitor market trends and forecast consumer patterns. Our energy monitoring software allows them to exercise rigid control over their processes to ensure they comply with industry guidelines, with particular regard to safety legislation.

The full range of development services and energy software tools offered by SoftGroup includes:

  • Development of asset management systems
  • Development of monitoring systems
  • Development of issue tracking systems
  • Development of planning and reporting systems
  • Development of web content management systems
  • Application Integration

From our service offerings, our bespoke asset management and energy audit software solutions are popular. In part, this is because they offer surveillance functionality which is vital at the most crucial stages of the production cycle where continual progress reports are required and where alerts and notifications need to be raised when potentially damaging deviations from prescribed processes occur. These web-enabled applications and our energy modeling software are needed by energy and utility suppliers to manage hardware platforms and they can trigger status reports at the rate of at least one per second. The personnel at SoftGroup use their expertise and technical capability to deliver high-end issue tracking, asset management and a range of other energy software programs, which incorporate monitoring and reporting functionality, tailored to this specialized industry.

Simple solution for complex tasks
Soft-Group Advantages

  • Huge Global Delivery Facility
  • 24/7 Support
  • Clients in the Biggest World Countries
  • Quality Certification
  • Variable Methodogies, surch as: RUP, Agile/XP and more
  • Access to Highly Trained, Experienced Professionals
  • Many Technology Skills Accessible in One Facility
  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property

SoftGroup also offers sophisticated renewable energy software as well as analytical solutions for performance assessment and advanced forecasting of market trends, which accurately monitor and report on current patterns. The performance indicators provided by these insightful reports empower enterprises to map processes and plan equipment and facilities requirements in a decisive, accurate and sensible manner.

What Benefits Can SoftGroup Bring To Your Business?

Suppliers of energy and other utilities can benefit from partnering SoftGroup by tapping into our collective knowledge and expertise in the fields of web development and our software architecture and engineering capabilities. In doing so, they can make the smooth transition from traditional systems to modern, smart technology, of which our energy consumption software is a prime example and this, in turn, enables them to optimize their full enterprise potential. Our services place energy and utilities suppliers at the forefront of their industry through the use of risk assessment and asset management applications that visibly showcase more efficient performance.

SoftGroup prides itself on being the global IT service provider of choice for all enterprises that supply energy and other utilities. We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver innovative, customized energy software solutions, which make them enviable contenders in their marketplace.

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