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HTML5 & CSS3 Development

Web Design for the Twenty-First Century

If you are looking for the most artfully designed and exciting website, with applications that will literally stun your users and make your site available on any device, then you must absolutely consider the new technologies available through HTML5 and CSS3. Haven’t heard of these yet? We are not surprised, because only about a third of the top 100 websites in the world are currently taking advantage of HTML5 development options. But if you are interested in the most innovative and state-of-the-art web design, then you will want the HTML5 web development that SoftGroup can deliver.

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Your site is most likely using HTML4, and that is certainly adequate. However, we know you will want the new APIs that HTML5 and CSS3 offer – interfaces such as 2D drawing, document editing, better drag and drop features, greater web storage, editing of documents and cross-document messaging, to name a few. The new CSS3 coding, moreover, enhances everything with creative and impressive interactive content. The animation from HTML4 can also be migrated; CSS3 allows reduction of file size, better control of page structures, and stellar borders and images; mobile HTML5 development apps are exceptional and are compatible with all devices and platforms; and all of this can be accomplished by SoftGroup for a very reasonable cost.

Gaming Experiences with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 game development applications could not be more stunning, and the HTML5 application development experts at SoftGroup can design custom apps that will enhance any gaming experience, bringing in more loyal users who want more exciting experiences. Indeed, the team at SoftGroup is the leader in HTML5 games development apps.

Multimedia with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 supports current multimedia, and the HTML development tools that have been mastered by SoftGroup professionals will ensure compatibility with all platforms and devices. Video streaming, video and sound embedding, interactive content, GPS, and much more is available with HTML5 app development that SoftGroup delivers.

Functions and Features of HTML5 and CSS3

The flexibility that is possible with these two new languages is incredible. Such properties as speech recognition, drawing and embedding of video, along with the coding of CSS3 can combine to create unbelievably interactive content and phenomenal user experiences. And, of course, all of the mobile device apps allow access anywhere. The other great result of HTML5 is the reduction in the need for plug-in technologies.

The future of web design and development will continue to evolve, and the smart site owner will stay at the forefront of these changes. Right now, that forefront is HTML5 and CSS3. And, right now, the singularly most adept company to re-design your site and provide the apps that keep you on top is SoftGroup. Our team has acquired all of the training and tutorials required to become true experts in these two languages and already has a successful history in both web and application development for a number of clients. Contact us today, and let us show you what our HTML5 and CSS3 web development can do!



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