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In order for the eCommerce professional to build new web applications, tools and websites, and to maintain all of them, the business owner should either be familiar with how to develop web technologies or hire an expert who does. Those who are not proficient in these practices can end up needlessly spending thousands of dollars more than necessary to implement the latest software developments.

Today's eCommerce professionals are looking carefully at PhpBB Customization as the best forum bulletin board software for their businesses. Discussion forums make outstanding platforms with which a business can interact with its customers and share product information. It is necessary for PhpBB customization to transpire, however, in order that the custom PhpBB modules reflect the specific business' look, logo and feel, and that they do everything the business owner wants them to do. For example, custom skins PhpBB can reflect any colors or logos that make a business stand out. A PhpBB forum can carry these design elements through the forum, using whatever PhpBB theme the business owner wants.

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PhpBB forum themes are best customized by a highly qualified professional developers and designers. SoftGroup makes available those developers and designers who can customize any PhpBB template to meet your business needs.

Any PhpBB Customization developer/programmer from SoftGroup will provide:
  • Robust forum development using PHOBB
  • Utilization of the most appropriate version of PHPBB (PHPBB2 and PHPBB3) for the specialized design & development of eCommerce forums
  • Creation of custom -defined BBCode and profile fields, and the necessary support for all of the popular databases and sub-forums
  • Technical support for PhpBB, custom PhpBB applications and other PhpBB Solutions
  • Error-free configuration of the PhpBB software, as well as its modifications
  • Custom designed templates, skins and PhpBB custom design integration

PhpBB Customization by our team of experts means lower development costs that are passed on to your eCommerce business. Lower costs mean more funds to spend elsewhere to further develop your business.

The year 2000 was the year that PhpBB was introduced to the world. The program is primarily based upon the MySQL database and the PHP programming language. It uses its own session and authorization handling, template and database abstraction layer systems.

When active eCommerce businesses use online forums, they are able to exchange information and to have discussions about products or services with their customers. This works in a myriad of ways to promote their businesses and to help them get to know what their customers want from them. Customers love being able to ask questions and to read feedback. They love learning more about products and services and how they can be used. Forums help business owners interact with a global customer base, something that would have been impossible twenty years ago. Utilizing an online forum is a win-win situation for eCommerce business owners.

SoftGroup provides your business with a variety of PhpBB-related services. In addition to high quality forum development, we can help you create customized profile fields, support for famous databases, custom defined BBCode and multiple levels of sub forums. We provide PhpBB design templates and design integration, as well as a myriad of other services and products.

By hiring our professional developers, you are able to optimize the utilization of computer technologies and the customization of design and development elements to help make your business soar to the top of the charts.

Call SoftGroup today, to find out about our options for making your eCommerce business better with the aid of PhpBB customized software. We are waiting to answer your questions.


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