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Web Portal Development

In the beginning, web portals were public, that is, they were designed and maintained by such companies as AOL, MSN, Google, etc., and everyone had access to the information. So, in simple terms, a portal is a huge website that provides huge amounts of information. While these public web portals obviously still exist, the importance of the concept soon became evident to businesses that had a web presence, as the possibilities became apparent. Web portal development came to be an important aspect of companies and organizations that wanted to provide comprehensive experiences to their customers and visitors, and, ultimately, their employees. These large “personal” portals, or sites, now offer multiple pages, links to resources, and many other features, such as message boards, forums, blogs, videos – all related in some way to the specific business. In addition, many businesses have determined that their web portal development endeavors should also perform many in-house functions. Portlets, or small “chunks” of the site, are available to employees, via passwords, that allow a lot of the business processes to occur within departments or across departments, based upon the employee’s level of “clearance.”

Web portal development is not a simple endeavor, and is certainly not a task for amateurs or in-house IT personnel who lack the skill sets required to design portals safely and efficiently. For this task, it is best to employ the services of a web portal development company that specializes in the conceptual and the technical aspects of web portals. SoftGroup, one of the web portal development companies, is a team of evolving web portal software development specialists that have been providing top rated services for over a decade.

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  • Variable Methodogies, surch as: RUP, Agile/XP and more
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  • Many Technology Skills Accessible in One Facility
  • Excellent Protection for Intellectual Property

While most individuals have a basic understanding of portals, having used them for many years now, they do not understand the complexities of web portal software development. There are applications which must be seamlessly integrated and yet work perfectly independently as well. There are portals that are established vertically or horizontally and often in combinations, dependent upon the specific needs and desires of a business niche or association of several related businesses. And web portal development tools must be utilized in order to control access, as well as to put in place applications that allow access by in-house PC’s, at-home PC’s and remote laptops, and by mobile devices. Clearly, web portal development services must be delivered by individuals who have complete skill sets, and the innovation and creativity to design exactly what the client wants. This is why SoftGroup is the “go to” source, for we have been the web portal development company of choice for businesses and organizations from virtually every commercial and non-profit niche. Large organizations, through our services, may possess one large portal in order to serve their customer/client base, their own employees, related businesses, data organization, in-house communication, collaboration, and training, and even employment functions. Having everything in one place with different levels of access to specific portlets provides seamless delivery of content, data, and services. Through its web portal software development expertise and the most advanced web portal development tools, SoftGroup can do it all!




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