What makes outsourcing Ukraine an ideal option?

A graduate survey in Ukraine showed application development and IT consulting to be the most sought-after career options in the country.

Most companies in IT in Ukraine have remained buoyant despite the rest of the world experiencing an economic crisis. How can this have been?

The following are just some of the factors that make outsourcing Ukraine so popular:
  • Robust engineering and mathematical focus in biggest universities, which are respected the world over;
  • Strong work ethic and values amongst Ukraine population who have a European outlook;
  • Over 90% of schools and universities teach English, which is valuable for providing consulting IT services;
  • The local costs of IT offshore development are lower because Ukraine is not an EU member state;
  • Ukraine has offshore IT outsourcing appeal because of its low costs, strong interpersonal skills and smart business acumen, facts that are noted in several statistical reports and rating surveys.

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In Eastern Europe, Ukrainian IT service companies offer the following outsourcing advantages:

Focus on technical training and education: Ukraine has traditionally been seen as a technical area of the USSR. In educational circles, Information Technology has always been a popular and one of the most respected subjects. With the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and several other technical and scientific educational establishments, Ukraine has a significant amount of intellectual capacity. This technical bias is founded on an educational and research and development system that has prevailed for some decades. Over 65% of the degrees awarded are in science, engineering, technology and mathematical subjects. The literacy rate in Ukraine totals over 99.6%. SoftGroup has established close links with many Ukrainian universities near its base with a view to recruiting the most highly-talented personnel available to provide outsourcing in IT services.

Expertise in research and development: The World Bank reports that 2,120.6 Ukrainian people out of each million work in research and development, a figure that includes those seeking to uncover new information about products and services as well as those who actually work on the development of new products and services. There are examples of scientists from the Ukrainian enterprise working on Boeing’s Sea Launch mission and of at least one other working on the complex design of a Soviet-style cruise missile, to name but a couple of the high-profile jobs undertaken by Ukrainian experts. Additionally, many Ukrainian universities house research and development laboratories, such as Complex System Modeling Department, which has received government grants for its work. In its 30+ year existence, this department has awarded a hundred PhDs and twenty two Science Doctorates. At present, this department is working on creating new image recognition and data compression algorithms. It is also noteworthy that the world’s largest plane, the Antonov An-225, was put in the air by Ukrainians.

Positive programming approach: Ukrainian programmers are not likely to wait around for information to find its way to them. Rather, they are proactive in looking for it and test their skills with certifications, as is evident by the number of Ukrainian programmers who hold Brainbench certificates. A report in 2006 showed that, of all the countries around the world, the highest amount of certificates were held by Ukrainians, which was followed by the USA, India and then Russia. Ukraine makes its way into the top 5 nations in an astonishing 27 categories, from a possible 30 categories, in which technical certifications are offered by Brainbench. The skills tested include software (QA) testing, MS SQL Server 2000 programming, the .Net environment, PHP, C++ and more. Ukraine also features prominently in other Brainbench categories such as soft skills, business processes, communications, project management, people management, time management and coaching. This report can be obtained from Brainbench.


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